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Websites Wiki
This page documents a Webcyclopedia policy.
It documents a site-wide policy or policies that must be followed and are widely accepted among contributors.

Here is a list of the rules for the wiki. It is important that all users read and understand them to avoid getting into trouble. The rules of the wiki are often updated, so it is a good idea to come back every once in a while to see if anything has been updated or added. If a rule seems unclear, please ask a current member of the wiki staff for clarification. Rules concerning edit/page quality can be found here.

On top of the rules listed below, users are also expected to adhere to FANDOM's own global list of rules known as the Terms of Use (ToU). Violating these terms could result in an immediate block before local staff contacts Fandom Staff.


Rule Zero

Nobody is above the rules. All users, whether staff or not, are subject to punishment if necessary. There should be absolutely no favoritism, and attempting to find loopholes in the rules will not let you avoid punishment.


Vandalism or any sort of disruptive edits is strictly prohibited. The deliberate act of removing or destroying content on the wiki as well as purposefully spreading false or nonsensical information will not be tolerated. This applies to all articles and images. Acts of vandalism are always done maliciously; making an unhelpful edit by mistake cannot be considered vandalism. Vandalistic edits will be reverted and result in a warning and a block following afterwards if it continues.

Wiki Content

The wiki is primarily meant for the documentation of existing websites. If you want to add a page on a previously existing or defunct/archived domain, you must have proof that it existed at one point. Incredibly short pages will be deleted after 24 hours if it does not eventually get over 1,000 bytes. Heavily NSFW or explicit websites can NOT be added and articles about them will be removed on sight. Mildly NSFW websites will have a warning put on their respective articles. Rule breaking content will be removed. First offense will result in a warning. Further offenses or multiple offenses done in a short period of time will be counted as vandalism, resulting in either a lengthy or indefinite block.


This wiki is not made for advertising your website. If you can make a quality page about your website that fits quality standards, then you are more than welcomed to. But please, don't make low-quality pages advertising your website. Low-quality pages will be deleted. A warning will be given if removed page gets re-added. Further offenses will result in a block.

Copyright Violations

Adding articles or files about websites that violate copyright or violating copyright in any way is unacceptable. Any and all forms of copyright violation will be removed. Any form of intentional copyright violations will result in an indefinite block.

Page Creation

You can create any page you want, as long as it is about a website or is relevant to an existing website. Sometimes, we will allow pages about major parts of many websites or building blocks of websites to be created. Do not create irrelevant or spam pages, as that will result in immediate action. Make sure all pages at least mildly follow the Editing Manual. Do NOT add pages about heavily explicit or NSFW sites, such as porn/gore sites, as those will instantly be removed. Please make a page on your Sandbox page before making it an article. Rule breaking content will be removed. Varying amounts of warnings and blocks may be handed out depending on the situation.


The general rule is one editor, one account. Do not use multiple accounts to mislead, deceive, vandalize or disrupt; to create the illusion of greater support for a position; to stir up controversy; or to circumvent a block, ban, or sanction. Do not ask your family or friends to create accounts to support you. Do not revive old unused accounts and use them as different users, or use another person's account. Normal alts are fine, but don't use them maliciously. Upon being found out, an indefinite block will be put in place for both accounts.

Spamming Edits/Edit Farming

Do not spam edits. This behavior is disruptive and clutters an article's history. This can range from writing the same thing over and over across an article to adding a bunch of unnecessary links to making several edits that consist of adding something then quickly undoing it. Creating pages over and over is also considered spam. Spamming in an article is generally seen as vandalism. Any form of spam is forbidden. Edits will be reverted. Offending users may receive a block depending on the severity of their actions.

Edit Wars

An edit war is where two users undo each of their edits in one page due to a disagreement between each other. If you are in a situation where you are edit warring with someone, please message them on their message wall. Explain your reasoning as to why your edit should be published with research to back-up your reasoning. If the edit war continues after discussing, please contact an admin or content moderators. If you are the user with incorrect information, or your edits were not published, please do not harass or get frustrated with the people that were involved. This can result in getting blocked or banned if continued. Pages subject to edit warring will be temporarily locked, and users will be warned. Users continuing afterwards will be temporarily blocked.

Behavior & Civility

All contributors are expected to act civil and courteous towards other users. If there is a dispute, try and work it out peacefully with the other user, or just back away. Trolling is also not allowed, and will result in a punishment if it does not stop. Offending users will be warned. Users continuing after the warning will be blocked.


Do not spam. This behavior is annoying and can clutter a discussion. This can range from copypastas to needlessly long breaks to writing in a very distracting font. Making the same or very similar comments multiple times is also considered spam. Encouraging users to spam is also forbidden. Offending users will be warned. Users continuing after the warning will be blocked.


Any username that is explicit, rude, inappropriate, derogatory, or in any way inappropriate will result in the account under the inappropriate username being permanently blocked. Usernames that advertise groups are also not allowed, nor are usernames that impersonate another user, a group, or well-known famous person. The user is allowed to make another account under a different and more appropriate name, however.


A more in-depth blocking policy can be found here
Blocks can be assigned to users by administrators when the situation calls for it. Certain blocks may mildly deviate from the general length for any given reason, albeit rarely. The third block given to any user for any reason will be indefinite.


If you believe your block was unfair, a mistake, or generally contestable, you may do the following:

  • If you still have access to edit your talk page, you may leave an unblock request on there to be reviewed by an administrator. You can do so by adding {{Unblock|(insert reason here) ~~~~}} and replacing (insert reason here) with your reason.
  • Contact your blocking administrator on their Community Central message wall. As an alternative, you can go here. Any admin has the choice to ignore an appeal if they so please. Keep all appeal messages civil and courteous, as if they are not, your appeal will be ignored.

Only the blocked user can appeal their block, no third party may do so for another user.

Discussion Forums Guidelines

The guidelines for the community discussion forums have their own separate place in the discussions, which can be found here.

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