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This page documents a Webcyclopedia policy.
It documents a site-wide policy or policies that must be followed and are widely accepted among contributors.

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On any given wiki, sometimes pages can be very similar, and the community thinks that they should be joined together. When this happens, administrators can merge the pages and their history using a special tool or by manual work.

What is page merging?

Page merging is when an administrator chooses to join the page histories and a select amount of content that resides on two pages into one page. This is done when the community agrees, not just at the administrators leisure (but they do have final say).

How do I mark a page for merging?

In order to propose a merge between two pages, place the {{Merge from|secondary page name}} template on the main page, and replace "secondary page name" with the page you want to be merged into that one. Then put the {{Merge to|main page name}} template on the secondary page, and replace "main page name" with the name of the page you want it merged into. Please discuss page mergers on its talk page and give users about 2 weeks to a month to come up with an opinion.

Merge proposal guidelines

Before making a merge proposal, please keep some things in mind:

  1. Are the two pages really that similar? Do they cover the same topic? If they are virtually the same page, please add the {{delete}} template instead (unless they both have large page histories and content, then a merge can still be proposed).
  2. Would both of their histories and at least a bit of their content work well on the same page?
  3. The smaller page should be merged with the larger page for ease of use.
  4. Do not propose a merge if either page is a candidate for cleanup or deletion, wait until those are cleared up and solved.

If your proposal does not follow these guidelines or just seems generally absurd, it may be declined early by an administrator.

Merge Reversal

In certain situations, a merger may need to be reversed by an administrator. This must be done manually, and can not be done using the tool mentioned earlier. A merge reversal does not necessarily blacklist another merger on those pages from taking place.

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